Information Technology Policies of Nepal

Nepal has formulated Information Technology Policy 2000.

Its salient features are:

1.Declare information technology as a priority sector.

2.Follow a single door system for the development of iT.

3.Prioritize research in IT.

4.Create conducive environment to attract private sector investment in IT,

5.Provide internet facilities to all village development commit tees.

6.Render assistance to educational institutions and encourage training to develop qualified manpower in IT.

7.Computerize government records and build websites for flow of information.

8.Increase the use of computer in private sector.

9.Develop physical and virtual information technology park for development of TT.

10.Use IT to promote e-commerce, e-education, e-health and transfer of technology to rural areas.

11.Establish National Information Technology Center.

12.Establish a national level fund to contribute to R & D in IT.

13.Establish venture capital fund for 1T.

14.Include computer education from the school level.

15.Establish Nepal in global market through the use of IT.

16.Provide legal sanctions to the use of IT.

17.Gradually use IT in all types of government activities.

The vision of Nepal’s Information Technology Policy is to place Nepal on the global map of information technology by 2005.

The objectives of IT policy are:

a)Make IT accessible to general public; increase employment through IT.

b)Build knowledge-based society

c)Establish knowledge-based industries.