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IT-Path aims to join people to digital world. It tribute on building of digital Nepal through Information Technology . It supports articles, ideas and creativity of the people for digital life.


To promotes the initiatives that helps to make digital Nepal.


Information technology(IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit,and manipulate data.


It provides knowledge about IT and its application to generate digital medium for developing nation.


Aims to develop leadership management ability on every IT Entrepreneurship.


IT-Path encouraged people to research in engineering of computer and information communication.

Online Services

It provides services to funtioning people's work easily through online services efficiently.


It provides solution for any type of networking in the system within communities.


It protects data from different threats and make easy accessible for the user.

Graphics and Design

It provides graphical, textual and pictorial presentation of data and design of websites and arts.


IT-Path develop software as per the wish of user and provide knowledge on software engineering.

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